Sacred Sovereignty Group Virtual Training by Narayani Gaia
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Sacred Sovereignty Training

Doors Open Again October 2020

The truth has been kept from you...

You have not always been taught to choose for yourself. You have not been taught to listen to your body and honor one another’s need for self determination. You have been playing a role of victim and giving your power away without understanding how to claim it back.

You have been told to use your head in making decisions. But the mind alone will not guide your path to happiness. And the physical world is not what it seems.

When you learn these portals, you go through initiations that open gates to freedom by teaching your how to access the sacred place where your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies connect.

This course will train you in the things you NEVER learned in school. 

Sacred Sovereignty Group Virtual Training

To awaken the world, learn to awaken yourself.

Enrollment is closed

Next Course Begins October 2020


All Inclusive : August 19 - November 10 2020

With this module you deepen awareness of your connection to Mother Earth

Gain tools to manifest all the support you need in your life and quickly calm your nervous system AND quiet down the mind at will.

Learn how to awaken the feeling of the stories that block you from dropping safely into your body

Discovering  into how your body feels helps to unlock the doors of trauma in the body and stagnation in your energy field to go from pain to pleasure in your body at will. 

Learning HOW to love is the heart of all spiritual teachings...

Learning to behold all of the feelings and stories around your intention that have arisen so far in prior themes supports your embodied awakening. 

Learn how to clear your energy on all levels

When you align your emotional healing process with the natural ways of clearing, you have an opportunity to walk with a new way of being in the world

Learn to awaken your third eye in order to be able to see the light of your soul.

Learning to work with your third eye is a sacred initiation the helps you access guidance to the spiritual world at will.

This module teaches you how to shift out of victim mindset for good.

The principle of manifesting your heart's desire requires taking responsibility for your life. At first, this can be confusing. But, eventually, you heal victim stories and decide to stand in your power. 

Learn how to nuetralize karma and manifest authentic reverence for all other humans

Healing the way you relate with other humans helps you cultivate deep fulfillment so you can be in “right relationship” with one’s past, present and future relationships. 

In order to experience your soul’s authentic evolution, it is crucial to learn to activate boundaries..

When you need to say no to life, you can compost and let go of that which no longer serves you so you can have strong boundaries that harmonize with positive energy. 

Learning to activate the energy of receptivity in your body and mind allows you to receive the gifts life has to offer

In this theme, you get a chance to embody the vibrational patterning in resonance with the vision of your future self.

As you bless others, you create good karma for yourself and for the planet

When you learn to receive with awareness of unlimited consciousness, it is easeful to be generous with your talents and will experience fulfillment in your soul.

The edge of your soul’s evolution may not be comfortable.

Life is dynamic. As you activate new levels of opening up your perceptions, you may experience times where things feel awkward.. Finding what you need to stay in balance is a skil you will cultivate.

It is possible to walk with a sense of surrender and in your unique powerful choice at the same time

This module prepares you to authentically trust and surrender to the sacred mystery with reverence and ease.

"Sacred Sovereignty Training supports you to awaken to the deepest nature of who you are, why you are here and what to do about it. "



How is the course delivered?

We want you to get you started as fast as possible, so right after you sign up you will receive your welcome email with access to the online course portal which is where all the rolled out course materials are found.

You have a private site for all of your materials and a private page on FB for community to connect, support and inspire along side other jedi's like yourself.

You get live video trainings for each module in addition to the live calls.

Can I run the course on my own or do I have to learn on a certain schedule?

The course is on a schedule and holds a container of accountability and tracking while training you HOW to track for yourself.  So when you are complete, you are way o the path to Self Mastery and possibly ready to help others in their awakening journey.

What software do I need to access course?

All you need s your computer or phone and access passcode and link to get to membership site and zoom downloaded on phone and or computer

How long is the course?

This course runs from August 18 to November 10th 2020. It is INTENSIVE.

Can I download the course?

Yes all of the audios, videos, journal and replays  are downloadable for you to add to your own library.

What Community Is Saying...

"I have been doing spiritual work for the last 30 years  and have healed a lot of old stories already, but working with N. and the themes I was able to go down to the very bottom of less self confidence, less self love , trust issues and more; and let go and clear! 

I had so many enlightening experiences through 12 weeks of working with Narayani.  I dare say, I did forward a real big step in consciousness. I am now prepared and  happy to take up a business as a life coach myself. To work with the 12 themes has and is still changing my life to the very best. THANK You Narayani!
Elisabeth Rosak
“Narayani is, in my experience, an amazing intuitive healer and skillful facilitator. She has a nack for tuning into a group and feeling where the potential energy is and where it can go. She gracefully leads with joy, passion, energy and patience to all levels and is a powerful knowledgeable woman.

I love taking workshops and classes with her. I always feel transported and transformed by the work and by the wisdom she channels. Through her council I have moved significantly into more empowered and embodied experience.”

Marya Stark
“I have been working with Narayani for several months now and my life has completely transformed. As an empath, I have struggled my entire life to embrace it.

I have read and tried everything that’s out there to stay in my own energy, none of which worked and left me feeling like a failure. Working through the (Embodied Awakening Training) has been a gift I have waited my entire life for. I am no longer a prisoner to my natural state, for the first time in my life. I am actually empowered by gifts and am grateful for all of them. I now have freedom in my life in ways that I never could have imagined.”
Carol Beavers Hicks

This course is for people who have at least one of the following :

  • Some experience conscious movement such as yoga, martial arts, dance
  • Been in therapy or been coached
  • Known you are here to help wake up the world
  • Are intutive of active dreamer

This course is NOT for you if you:

  •  KNOW you have deep unresolved trauma
  • Are unable to take full responsibility for your life
  • Are too busy to show up for your own spiritual practice

Meditate. Regularly.

Each of the 12 modules has its own meditation. They are about 6-10 minutes and support you to train in being present with your spirit in your body..

Go on a cleanse

You will have a chance to design your own 7 day protocol..

Your Instructor

For the past 20 years, Narayani Gaia has been on the path of service as a transformational guide, awakening integration mentor and a woman of prayer.

In 2002, with the support of enlightened teachers, Narayani had a spiritual awakening experience that took years to reveal its power.

She has interviewed over 50 spiritual leaders and been interviewed by many others. She is the founder of Awakened Life School and is currently writing her first book on Embodied Awakening Integration.

Un-Schooling For Adults...

You have been taught to ignore your energy, hold on to the stories of separation from the past, ignore what you feel and that once you manifest money and a certain relationship or an ideal weight, you will be happy. You have been lied to. And it is NOT your fault..

If Sacred Sovereignty calls to you, let's chat!

The first step to apply for this training is to book a chat with Narayani. 
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There are ACTIVATION PORTALS within your own auric field. You are being invited to learn how to reweave energy that makes up your body, mind, feelings and spirit. This training will teach you how.

All Inclusive Un-Schooling Support

Private Coaching

Monthly 2 hour transformational coaching sessions (for VIP group)

(13) Live Classes

* Tuesdays 930 am PDT
* Aug 18 - Nov 10 2020
* Live On Zoom
* 90 Minute Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions

You get 2 remote healing sessions during your training (VIP group)

25 Page Journal

Journal helps you do self reflection with prompts to support you in your embodied awakening journey.

Interactive Community Online Group

Stay connected, inpsired  and supported

Meditations & Trainings Library

You get 12 unique meditations plus pre-recording video trainings on each module/

This training is based on spiritual and universal laws and principles that exist within your energy field. You are being invited to learn what your own energy has to teach you.

Self Mastery is designed to take you through a process of  learning how to work with both your potential to heal and manifest and your ability to cultivate inner energy over time.

Give yourself the gift of learning who you are and whom you can become by deepening into the awareness of being a spiritual being who is having a human experience. Join us.

Is this training for you? Let's chat and find out.
Enrollment is now open for the next 4 month immersion starting August 2020.  Next step is to book a chat.


Sovereignty Is Your Birthright